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{ girls desk } diy home projects

Just when I think I can’t think of another project I walk into this corner of the girls room. None of my girls have ever played with barbi’s or dolls so I was wondering why I was keeping a hold of it. What they do enjoy is arts and crafts. Now they have their own space to clutter, draw and cut. Follow me on facebook { girls desk } diy home projectsView full post »

{ night stands } diy custom nightstands

When we first bought this bed I couldn’t find night stands that were taller. It’s not as if our bed is super tall anyways but in my opinion night stands are generally too short. After years of living with these not to attractive floating stands I decided to make make my own. Now the decision if I should make a dresser to match. Haha, who am I kidding, much to my husbands dismay, I will do it. Here is a shot from 2010 when we first moved into the house showing our old nightstands.View full post »

{ payten’s room } teen girls room, gray room

Although Payten room was awesome, she wanted a clean sophisticated look. With the new look I wanted to print some black and white pictures that she took. One she actually took with her phone, but with a little tweaking it looks fine blown up. It’s not quite done, she still wants to print some small pictures and put over her bed but it’s a fun bedroom with seating for her and her friends.View full post »

{ superman bedroom } boys bedroom, diy bedroom makeover

This project started because Krew had seen the commercial for fathead stickers. He kept telling me he wanted a superman fathead. I tried to talk him into Batman room. First, because of the colors. I’m not a fan of primary colors of red, blue and yellow. Second, I have NO superman action figures for display. Still working on finding some. I am loving how it turned out, so fun for my boy!! I decided to do this makeover for Christmas but there was no way to accomplish everything in 1 night.View full post »

{ playhouse bed } girls bedroom, diy ikea makeover

My plan from the beginning was to build a playhouse bed. Instead of starting from scratch I bought a wood bed from Ikea. It was actually cheaper to buy the wood this way. Next step was to work on the bedding. I really wanted the beds to be comfy with lots of pillows so you could relax back on them. I then build the actual house of the bed. I thought I was done then, but soon realized it was missing something so I decided to build the deck area which completed the look. I couldn’t beView full post »

{ airstream }

2 months ago we decided to buy an Airstream. The smell was aweful, patient broken pipes, discusting greasy walls, we decided to gut it out and start over. This is how I spent the last month and a half while not shooting, editing or ignoring my kids (sad but true). After a month and a half of hard work we finally took the Airstream out camping. We are not done yet, but we are taking a break for now and will go about it more slowly. We still have to finish the bathroom, drawers, tiling, windowView full post »

{ deck } planter boxes, sunshade

I finally got around to the deck makeover. The problem was, it faces south and is always HOT. A couple years ago Keith build a pergola over the deck to help shade. I love the look of the pergola but it still was HOT. We originally stained them dark brown. It ended up burning the kids feet and would splinter off into their feet. We sanded and put another clear stain and months later looked like CRUD! I finally bought some paint that is suppose to last for years, (we will see). Next step was toView full post »

{ office } room makeover

Can I just say I hated my office, physician it was cluttered and not attractive. I found this amazing desk on ksl for $100 and the makeover began, now it fresh and clean and adorableView full post »

{ Ireland 3rd Birthday } pink decor | girls birthday

I will be the first to admit I create Birthday set ups like this for the pictures.View full post »

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